Tim Hogan Kahuna Tournament

T he reason we have the “Tim Hogan Big Kahuna Chess Tournament” is to celebrate the life of a fine young man. I taught both Tim and Tom Hogan to surf when they were 7 and 9 years old. They both were extraordinary young athletes who went on to shape and sell surf boards. Tim was an amazing young man, quiet and introspective, very bright, and loved to laugh. He was so giving and supportive to his friends and was held in high esteem by everyone. Tim was a young man of many talents and had a unique ability to make everyone laugh and enjoy being around him. He was attending the University of San Diego and was majoring in Biomedical Engineering. It was during that time he was able to follow one of his life’s dreams to “Surf the World” by going to the island of Bali in Indonesia to surf some of the world’s best waves. It was there, tragically, that Tim died as a result of a surfing accident in a sport that he loved. The Tim Hogan Big Kahuna Tournament is my way of honoring and remembering Tim.

Tournament Winners

Whoever wins “The Big Kahuna Tournament” will have the trophy stay at his/her school for everyone to admire that next year.

2017 Tournament Winners

Noah Hatton, 2017 – First Place

Zach Doerksen, 2017 – First Place

Our Big Kahuna Classic Top 6, 2017

2016 Tournament Winners

Ethan Amaya, Bicentennial North
2016 – First Place

Caleb Doerksen, Tartesso School
2016 – Second Place

(L-R – front row) Lia Arencibia from Landmark, Alexander Vega from Esperanza, Zach Doerksen from Tartesso, Noah Hatton from Esperanza, and (back row) Ignacio Hernandez from Desert Oasis.
2016 – Third Place

2015 Tournament Winners

Ethan Amaya, Bicentennial North
2015 – First Place

Juan Sanchez, Isaac Middle School
2015 – Second Place

Jacob Doerksen, Tartesso School
2015 – Third Place

2014 Tournament Winners

Reese, Richard E Miller
2014 – First Place

Ethan, Bicentennial North
2014 – Second Place

Caleb, Tartesso School
2014 – Third Place

2013 Tournament Winners

John Salgado
2013 – First Place

Brandon Bustamante
2013 – Second Place

Cesar Roldan
2013 – Third Place

2012 Tournament Winners

Luis Porras (center)
2012 – First Place

Francisco Cruz
2012 – Second Place

Edgar Anaya
2012 – Third Place

2011 Tournament Winners

Jose Fernandez
2011 – First Place

Ethan Amaya
2011 – Second Place

Francisco Cruz
2011 – Third Place

Previous Winners


Tim Hogan trophy