Ratings & Terms

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Our ratings are based on levels of surfing ability. A beginner is a “Wannabe” and after you have won 50 games you become a “Kahuna” if you are a boy or a “Surf Goddess” if you are a girl.

If you go on to win a 100 games, you attain the status of “Forever Young.” If you happen to be one of the very, very, unique few who wins 150 games in a season you become one of the “Immortal Surf Gods.”


A wannabe is just as it sounds, a kid who sits on the shore watching and “wants to be” like one of those bronzed young gods riding wave after wave and having so much fun.


A Hodad is the “DORK” in all of us when we learn something physically new. He/she can paddle on out but the 2nd and 3rd waves coming in knocks them off their boards. When they finally get outside the breakers they try to sit on their board but it just rolls over and they fall off. When they try to take off on a wave they flail their arms and thrash about but catch very few waves. When they finally do catch a wave they immediately wipe out. Being a Hodad is that embarrassing time we all must go through on our way to doing something we really want.


A Grimmie is a young, beginner surfer in California. They’re all heart and desire but little ability. He/she can paddle out, sit on their board, take off and actually catch a few waves. Due to their burning desire to keep up with the regular surfers, matched with their total lack of ability and judgment, they are usually responsible for some of the more spectacular wipeouts. Their body, brains and butts all going in different directions and each one getting pulverized! This usually leads all the people on the beach to whistle, hoot and applaud!


Keike in Hawaiian means “little kid”, or a form of a young child who is learning through life’s experiences. The learning usually takes place on the face of a large wave that pulverizes the little Keike’s body into the sand!


Shredder: Just like anything else, the more you do it the better you become. In this case a surfer begins to understand and feel the dynamics of a wave and uses that knowledge to rip or shred the waves. You have seen hot surfers shooting from the top to the bottom of waves and back again and again? That’s shredding the waves, ’nuff said.

Ultimate Surfer

Ultimate Surfer: this girl or guy has paid their dues. They’ve had wipeouts that were painful. Ultimate surfers have a sense of style and grace that is beautiful to watch. They have also caught waves that will always be in the memories of those who saw them on that perfect wave in that perfect moment.

Pono Ma's

Pono Ma’a: another Hawaiian term (thanks to Master Chun!) means “solid as a rock”, the shaping and forming of something great, beginning with a strong solid foundation. All the years, the experiences, the good and bad waves, as well as those dark monster waves that block out the sun. The wipe outs, the washing machine thrashings, the holding your breath until you just can’t hold it any more are all part of it. But then so are the rides. Those rides that put you over the edge, the ones you’ll always remember! When there is a two story building falling right behind you and you are streaking… no flying across the face of that huge wave with a smile so big that it almost makes your face hurt. Those are the times that you will appreciate all the work, practice and pain that you have been through. They have shaped your ability and attitude that prepares you to be a Pono Ma’a.

Kahuna/Surf Goddess

Kahuna in Hawaiian means “Best of the Best”. Master of all of the Secrets. The melding of man and ocean into “ONE.” He inhales air and exhales Life. He is the Kahuna…
Surf Goddess is a girl whose smile is brighter than the sun and who everybody worships!


  • To count as an “official game,” both players must shake hands firmly and wish their opponent “Good Luck.” Both players then report the winner to the Sergeant Major.
  • Please always treat your opponents just as you would like to be treated… “WITH RESPECT.”
  • Chess is a game of concentration. If you want to fool around or run around, you will be asked to leave. If you are asked to leave twice, you won’t come back.
  • Share the waves, share the knowledge. If you figure out a cool move or strategy, share it with your friends.
  • Beating a first timer on their first day does NOT count as an official win.
  • An “official match, one that counts toward your ranking, can be played anywhere, anytime as long as both players are members of the club. Both players will tell the Sergeant Major on the following Wednesday meeting who won.
  • Only the Big Kahuna (Mr. Neely) or one of the other teachers can kibitz (offer suggestions or advice.)

Last Rule: Remember that you will win in life and on the chessboard if you “MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES”
And most importantly…Surfs up, Baby!