Chess Masters


Charvic German*

As a member of the Sun Devil Chess Team and Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship attendee*, chess has followed me throughout my life and had a positive impact in my life.

Chaz Fortune*

Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship attendee* Chess is a delightful little game with wonderful little pieces played on a heavenly little board. How I adore this elegant Game of Kings!

Dane Jones

Chess has had an immeasurable effect on my life. I have learned to carefully weigh all my decisions in life, just as I would on the board. Thank you for this opportunity to help the young learn this same lesson.

Zackary Meier

Chess has taught me the most important aspects of life; always think ahead, remember the big picture, and make moves that will set you up for success in the future. In many regards, chess is the perfect allegory for life. A solid strategy is required for winning in both.


James Green

I love Chess!

Jennifer Henderson

Chess is ultimatly the Game of Kings: requiring intellect, skills, determination, anticipation, and sacrifice.

Joey Rodriquez

Play life like a chess match, don’t be too conservative of your pieces, its okay to make mistakes, we all do, but don’t make the same moves and always be ahead of the competition.

Julio Guzman

Chess is such a great game! If your head isn’t hurting than your not playing it right!


Luz “Viri” Beltran

Luz has an INCREDIBLE story of perseverance and does a phenomenal job in Surf N Chess. She is a positive light to all our students!!

Michael Cirenza

The Surf n Chess Club is an absolutely wonderful experience for my students! I highly recommend it for all students. It sis so amazing to see all the positive benefits chess has for my kids!

Mike Kunes

Learning chess developed my belief that every action has a consequence. The ability to plan ahead and intuit someone else’s reactions is critical part of success in chess and in life.

Scott Snader

Chess is the ultimate thinking game for success. I absolutely love playing it!


Tho Ly

Surf N’ Chess is an awesome program that I am proud to be a part of; a program that allows kids to get a head start and make the right moves on the board and more importantly in life.

Tristian Hunter

If it wasn’t for chess, I wouldn’t know where I would be today. Thank you SnC!

Zicially Jauregui

Playing chess with the kids is enjoyable and fun. The kids put so much effort into the game, and all while working the brain to make them smarter. It is amazing how quickly the kids learn.

Brian Maybry

I enjoy teaching chess because you get to sit back and watch as students think and analyze their every move, their every decision.


Hao Ly

Chess has helped me gain so many valuable life skills, what a great game!